NeuroGrafix Statement on US Patent 5,560,360

At this time, NeuroGrafix advises & reminds users of MR Neurography,

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI, HARDI, and Q-Ball), or Diffusion Subtraction Neurography that they may be liable for having infringed US
Patent 5,560,360 and its foreign equivalents. The issue arises if they are in the US, Japan, Europe, Canada or Australia, and if neither they nor their MRI manufacturer had a license. Please contact NeuroGrafix by email
with any inquiries.

There was no license in place for users of MRI equipment from Toshiba, or for users of any BrainLab facility that has an MRI scanner not
manufactured by Siemens.

Aaron Filler, MD, PhD, the CEO of NeuroGrafix says: “NeuroGrafix intends
to continue to assert its patent rights against unlicensed infringers.”

The US Patent 5,560,360 expired in October of 2013.

Date of Update: October 17, 2016.

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